Commit d17c20d2 authored by Halla Rempt's avatar Halla Rempt
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Do not show the language switch warning when going back to the default

parent a5edc825
......@@ -288,23 +288,7 @@ void KSwitchLanguageDialog::slotOk()
void KSwitchLanguageDialog::slotDefault()
const QStringList defaultLanguages = d->applicationLanguageList();
// read back the new default
QString language = QString::fromLatin1(getApplicationSpecificLanguage("en_US"));
if (defaultLanguages != (QStringList() << language)) {
i18n("The language for this application has been changed. The change will take effect the next time the application is started."), //text
i18n("Application Language Changed"), //caption
QStringLiteral("ApplicationLanguageChangedWarning") //dontShowAgainName
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