Commit e55df5ac authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov

Fix canvas freeze on closing the second document in Angle mode

When releasing openGL resources in a destructor we should make the
context current. Qt doesn't do that for us.
parent 1b912acc
......@@ -215,7 +215,22 @@ KisOpenGLCanvas2::KisOpenGLCanvas2(KisCanvas2 *canvas,
* Since we delete openGL resources, we should make sure the
* context is initialized properly before they are deleted.
* Otherwise resources from some other (current) context may be
* deleted due to resource id aliasing.
* The main symptom of resources being deleted from wrong context,
* the canvas being locked/backened-out after some other document
* is closed.
delete d;
void KisOpenGLCanvas2::setDisplayFilter(QSharedPointer<KisDisplayFilter> displayFilter)
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