Commit e93ace6b authored by Sharaf Zaman's avatar Sharaf Zaman
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Fix nullptr dereference in pattern generator

If while dragging we click outside of the window bounds, none of the
pattern is selected resulting in:
widget()->patternChooser->currentResource() pointing to a nullptr. But
with includeHidden flag enabled we can still reference the last selected
pattern. So, this seems like a minor error (i.e operating on only "non
hidden" resource).

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......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ KisPropertiesConfigurationSP KisWdgPattern::configuration() const
if (pattern) {
config->setProperty("pattern", pattern->name());
config->setProperty("md5sum", pattern->md5Sum());
config->setProperty("fileName", widget()->patternChooser->currentResource()->filename());
config->setProperty("fileName", pattern->filename());
config->setProperty("transform_offset_x", m_widget->spbOffsetX->value());
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