Commit ff115ccb authored by Agata Cacko's avatar Agata Cacko
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Fix crash on undo after importing assistant set

Before this commit, importing assistant set was not undoable,
which broke internal state of the tool, which led to crash.
This commit makes importing the assistant set undoable,
preventing the crash.


(cherry picked from commit 6579f94c)
parent 2ce015e3
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......@@ -1169,6 +1169,10 @@ void KisAssistantTool::loadAssistants()
QMap<int, KisPaintingAssistantHandleSP> sideHandleMap;
KisPaintingAssistantSP assistant;
bool errors = false;
m_origAssistantList = KisPaintingAssistant::cloneAssistantList(m_canvas->paintingAssistantsDecoration()->assistants());
while (!xml.atEnd()) {
switch (xml.readNext()) {
case QXmlStreamReader::StartElement:
......@@ -1303,9 +1307,12 @@ void KisAssistantTool::loadAssistants()
if (errors) {
QMessageBox::warning(qApp->activeWindow(), i18nc("@title:window", "Krita"), i18n("Errors were encountered. Not all assistants were successfully loaded."));
KUndo2Command *command = new EditAssistantsCommand(m_canvas, m_origAssistantList, KisPaintingAssistant::cloneAssistantList(m_canvas->paintingAssistantsDecoration()->assistants()));
m_handles = m_canvas->paintingAssistantsDecoration()->handles();
void KisAssistantTool::saveAssistants()
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