1. 22 Apr, 2019 7 commits
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      Fix artifacts when saving vector layers into PNG files · f984eab0
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      This patch has two parts:
      1) KisShapeLayer should block the updates of the shape-canvas.
         When shapes are added to the layer, they initiate shape
         manager updates. That is not what we want, because all the
         rendered pixel data has already been copied in initShapeLayer()
      2) Add a sanity check in KisDocument::initiateSavingInBackground().
         Theoretically, there should be no pending updates after cloning
         operation. But if they still appear somehow (which is a bug),
         just force them wait until they complete their execution.
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      Try to fix the appimage deps build · 3cb09556
      Halla Rempt authored
      This built for me, on my test vm...
    • Wolthera van Hövell's avatar
      Add a merge request template. · 1fd8aa7d
      Wolthera van Hövell authored
      This automatically adds the Needs Review label to new merge requests,
      and also gives a basic formalities and required info list.
      cc: @rempt, @dkazakov
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      Fix the linux deps build · 5319ceb5
      Halla Rempt authored
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      Try to fix the the jenkins build · adf02710
      Halla Rempt authored
      [2019-04-22T08:29:04.736Z] Scanning dependencies of target KisCompositionBenchmark
      [2019-04-22T08:29:04.993Z] [ 43%] Building CXX object benchmarks/CMakeFiles/KisCompositionBenchmark.dir/kis_composition_benchmark.cpp.o
      [2019-04-22T08:29:07.539Z] In file included from /usr/include/boost/random/detail/integer_log2.hpp:19,
      [2019-04-22T08:29:07.539Z]                  from /usr/include/boost/random/detail/large_arithmetic.hpp:19,
      [2019-04-22T08:29:07.539Z]                  from /usr/include/boost/random/detail/const_mod.hpp:23,
      [2019-04-22T08:29:07.539Z]                  from /usr/include/boost/random/detail/seed_impl.hpp:26,
      [2019-04-22T08:29:07.539Z]                  from /usr/include/boost/random/mersenne_twister.hpp:30,
      [2019-04-22T08:29:07.539Z]                  from /home/jenkins/workspace/Extragear/krita/kf5-qt5 SUSEQt5.10/benchmarks/kis_composition_benchmark.cpp:92:
      [2019-04-22T08:29:07.539Z] /usr/include/boost/pending/integer_log2.hpp:7:59: note: #pragma message: This ...
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fix crash when merging back split alpha · d47ece40
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      When creating a selection we should initialize default
      bounds for the pixel selection correctly.
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