1. 05 Dec, 2019 1 commit
  2. 04 Dec, 2019 8 commits
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fix a crash when cancelling Transform Tool action · 2dc2ed5f
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      The crash happens only on systems that have asserts enabled, that
      is, don't have NDEBUG defined.
      Binding uninitialized '*m_savedTransformArgs' to a cont-reference
      generated valid c++ code (a reference initialized with nullptr),
      and given that finishStrokeImpl() didn't try to use/dereference
      this reference, the code worked fine and didn't crash on systems
      without asserts.
      But on systems with asserts enabled (non NDEBUG), boost::optional
      triggered a sanity check assert for dereferencing nullptr and crashed
      the application.
      The patch removes entire code for resetting m_savedTransformArgs in
      cancelStrokeCallback(). It was actually an artifact of some initial
      Thanks Fredrik Hansson for pointing out the problem!
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Split the log in sysinfo and session log · 2771cd99
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Don't leak a QFontComboBox · 465416bd
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      Because if we do, it won't be deleted before Qt removes all fonts
      on destroying QApplication, and then QFontCombBox will try to get
      an active window.
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Remove KoFontComboBox · 2c57fdf0
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Remove useless calls to QApplication::globalStrut · 71063ae3
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
      This returns QSize(0,0) in all cases, so it's useless to call it.
      And it's going to be deprecated anyway.
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Give removing the json files a try... · f9e85f48
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
    • Ivan Yossi's avatar
      Fix 1px brush offset in line tool · b4347512
      Ivan Yossi authored
      This adjust the diferent position of KisPaintInformation
      from a line to be inside a line between starting and
      ending points. This is particularly important as brushes
      that use 1px perfect pixels require the line to be perfect
      in order to avoid looking jagged. In 1px size with
      sharpen active we only use the start and end
      KisPaintInformation points.
      This patch also adjusts the outine on 1px brushes to
      adjust to the grid to better preview where the paint is
      going to be applyied
  3. 03 Dec, 2019 1 commit
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Increase the limit in Layer Offset to 100k · f2419f5a
      Agata Cacko authored
      Before this commit, there was no maximum set on the double
      spin box which holded the value. Because by default it would
      be filled with half of the width and height of the layer
      extent, there will be some maximum value set bigger
      than 99 which is the default for double spin boxes.
      This commit fixes this behaviour by setting 100 000
      as a maximum explicitely.
  4. 02 Dec, 2019 3 commits
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Fix crash using onion skins on non-animated layers · 089a28f9
      Agata Cacko authored
      Using onion skins on layers without any content keyframes
      is possible if one is using opacity keyframes.
      Before this commit, turning onion skins on would cause a crash.
      After this commit, turning onion skins on will do nothing.
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Fix Grow Selection expanding in one direction · b49d9789
      Agata Cacko authored
      Before this commit there was a mistake in calculating
      the border of the selection. It was caused by misreading
      the original calculation equation while fixing the
      CID issue (dividing by 0).
      This commit fixes the behaviour by ensuring that
      the value is being multiplied, not divided by sqrt.
    • Yuri Chornoivan's avatar
      Update URLs · d4dfd7b6
      Yuri Chornoivan authored
  5. 01 Dec, 2019 2 commits
  6. 30 Nov, 2019 2 commits
    • Lamarque Souza's avatar
      Fix crash when starting Krita with Qt compiled in debug mode. · 97c03e0f
      Lamarque Souza authored
      This is the backtrace:
      0  0x00007ffff38a11cc in KoColorSet::getGroup(QString const&) () from
      1  0x00007ffff3d2aa69 in KisPaletteModel::index(int, int, QModelIndex
      const&) const () from /usr/lib64/libkritawidgets.so.18
      2  0x00007ffff5812796 in
      QAbstractItemView::setModel(QAbstractItemModel*) () from
      3  0x00007ffff582e749 in QHeaderView::setModel(QAbstractItemModel*) ()
      from /usr/lib64/libQt5Widgets.so.5
      4  0x00007ffff5871493 in QTableView::setModel(QAbstractItemModel*) ()
      from /usr/lib64/libQt5Widgets.so.5
      5  0x00007ffff3d31e17 in
      KisPaletteView::setPaletteModel(KisPaletteModel*) () from
      6  0x00007ffff3d2691e in
      KoColor, KisDlgInternalColorSelector::Config, QString const&,
      KoColorDisplayRendererInterface const*) () from
      7  0x00007ffff7000d67 in
      KoDualColorButton::Private::init(KoDualColorButton*) () from
      8  0x00007ffff7002c5b in KoDualColorButton::KoDualColorButton(KoColor
      const&, KoColor const&, KoColorDisplayRendererInterface const*,
      QWidget*, QWidget*) ()
        from /usr/lib64/libkritaui.so.18
      9  0x00007ffff6e2b5b5 in KisControlFrame::setup(QWidget*) () from
      10 0x00007ffff71014ea in KisViewManager::KisViewManager(QWidget*,
      KActionCollection*) () from /usr/lib64/libkritaui.so.18
      11 0x00007ffff70cb72b in KisMainWindow::KisMainWindow(QUuid) () from
      12 0x00007ffff70d8352 in KisPart::createMainWindow(QUuid) () from
      13 0x00007ffff70d85de in KisPart::startBlankSession() () from
      14 0x00007ffff70995b9 in KisApplication::start(KisApplicationArguments
      const&) () from /usr/lib64/libkritaui.so.18
      15 0x0000555555e4e229 in main ()
      The KisPaletteModel::index() call is inside an Q_ASSERT_X in
      QAbstractItemView::setModel(), so you have to compile Qt in debug mode
      to reproduce this crash.
      m_rowGroupNameMap is empty during the startup.
    • Kuntal  Majumder's avatar
      Fix segfault while opening text with double click · fcb5c280
      Kuntal Majumder authored
      BUG: 41425
  7. 29 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  8. 28 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  9. 27 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  10. 26 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  11. 25 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  12. 23 Nov, 2019 1 commit
  13. 22 Nov, 2019 2 commits
  14. 20 Nov, 2019 11 commits
  15. 19 Nov, 2019 4 commits
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Get exiv from our own download location · 2d4ae8c3
      Boudewijn Rempt authored
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fix outline in Move Tool, when a layer has a Transform Mask · e37f64c4
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      We need to take layer's masks' change rect into account. We cannot
      use normal changeRect() call, because it never shrinks the update rect
      and adds projection device bounds (obviously, because it is supposed
      to render stuff and not just shwo a decoration).
      That is why the patch introduces KisLayer::tightUserVisibleBounds(), which
      calculates tight bounding rect of the layer, taking all the masks into
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fix undo of replacing vector selection · 7a709c54
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      When redoing KisTakeAllShapesCommand, we should keep the
      selection projection, but when undoing it, we should start a
      full-featured update to get a correct canvas state. It is needed
      because pixel selection is used as a projection in shape-mode, so
      undo/redo for it is not valid.
    • Boudewijn Rempt's avatar
      Hide superfluous warning · 99b25ed8
      Boudewijn Rempt authored