Commit 31306680 authored by Aurélien Gâteau's avatar Aurélien Gâteau

Remove length actions

All resizing can now be done using the resize handles
parent 802902f2
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......@@ -62,8 +62,6 @@ private:
void drawScaleText( QPainter &painter, int x, const QString &text );
void drawScaleTick( QPainter &painter, int x, int length );
void drawResizeHandle( QPainter &painter, Qt::Edge edge );
void reLength( int percentOfScreen );
void reLengthAbsolute( int length );
void updateScaleDirectionMenuItem();
QRect beginRect() const;
......@@ -85,12 +83,8 @@ private:
QPoint mDragOffset;
QAutoSizeLabel *mLabel;
bool mHorizontal;
int mLongEdgeLen;
int mShortEdgeLen;
QMenu *mMenu;
QAction *mCloseAction;
QMenu *mLenMenu;
QAction *mFullScreenAction;
QAction *mScaleDirectionAction;
QAction *mCenterOriginAction;
QAction *mOffsetAction;
......@@ -108,20 +102,16 @@ private:
void setHorizontal( bool horizontal );
bool isResizing() const;
int length() const;
QPoint localCursorPos() const;
public slots:
void rotate();
void showMenu();
void adjustLabel();
void setShortLength();
void setMediumLength();
void setTallLength();
void setFullLength();
void switchDirection();
void centerOrigin();
void slotOffset();
void slotLength();
void slotOpacity( int value );
void slotKeyBindings();
void slotPreferences();
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