Commit 431be580 authored by Smit Patil's avatar Smit Patil 🐧 Committed by Carl Schwan
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Allow reloading list anytime

parent a40cf03d
......@@ -306,14 +306,7 @@ QString KSaneWidget::selectDevice(QWidget *parent)
void KSaneWidget::initGetDeviceList() const
// update the device list if needed to get the vendor and model info
if (d->m_findDevThread->devicesList().size() == 0) {
//qCDebug(KSANE_LOG) << "initGetDeviceList() starting thread...";
} else {
//qCDebug(KSANE_LOG) << "initGetDeviceList() have existing data...";
bool KSaneWidget::openDevice(const QString &deviceName)
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