Commit 559a8e74 authored by Alexander Stippich's avatar Alexander Stippich
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set initial values for the scan thread

otherwise, they will not be taken into account unless they are changed by the user
parent 6db07653
......@@ -204,9 +204,17 @@ KSaneCore::KSaneOpenStatus KSaneCorePrivate::loadDeviceOptions()
// Create the scan thread
m_scanThread = new KSaneScanThread(m_saneHandle);
connect(m_scanThread, &KSaneScanThread::finished, this, &KSaneCorePrivate::imageScanFinished);
connect(invertOption, &KSaneInvertOption::valueChanged, m_scanThread, &KSaneScanThread::setImageInverted);
if (optionResolution != nullptr) {
connect(optionResolution, &KSaneBaseOption::valueChanged, m_scanThread, &KSaneScanThread::setImageResolution);
connect(m_scanThread, &KSaneScanThread::scanProgressUpdated, q, &KSaneCore::scanProgress);
connect(m_scanThread, &KSaneScanThread::finished, this, &KSaneCorePrivate::imageScanFinished);
// try to set to default values
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