Commit 90f924ee authored by Sebastian Goth's avatar Sebastian Goth
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Fix multi page detection when 'source' is const

Explicitly call multi page detection once.
Some scanners like EPSON DS-310 only have a single scan source which
never changes.
parent cef1e7cd
......@@ -161,6 +161,8 @@ KSaneCore::KSaneOpenStatus KSaneCorePrivate::loadDeviceOptions()
optionResolution = option;
if (option->name() == QStringLiteral(SANE_NAME_SCAN_SOURCE)) {
// some scanners only have ADF and never update the source name
connect(option, &KSaneBaseOption::valueChanged, this, &KSaneCorePrivate::determineMultiPageScanning);
if (option->name() == QStringLiteral("wait-for-button")) {
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