Commit 9a3ab2a3 authored by Alexander Stippich's avatar Alexander Stippich
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do not use internal SANE strings for custom gamma option

parent 8386ec56
......@@ -500,11 +500,13 @@ void KSaneWidgetPrivate::createOptInterface()
if ((m_optGamR != nullptr) && (m_optGamG != nullptr) && (m_optGamB != nullptr)
&& (gammaR != nullptr) && (gammaG != nullptr) && (gammaB != nullptr) ) {
m_commonGamma = new LabeledGamma(m_colorOpts, i18n(SANE_TITLE_GAMMA_VECTOR), gammaR->maxValue());
m_commonGamma = new LabeledGamma(m_colorOpts, i18n("Image intensity"), gammaR->maxValue());
m_commonGamma->setToolTip(i18n("Gamma-correction table. In color mode this option equally " \
"affects the red, green, and blue channels simultaneously (i.e., it is an " \
"intensity gamma table)."));
connect(m_commonGamma, &LabeledGamma::valuesChanged, gammaR, &LabeledGamma::setValues);
connect(m_commonGamma, &LabeledGamma::valuesChanged, gammaG, &LabeledGamma::setValues);
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