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Commit 5d956f9a authored by Alexander Trufanov's avatar Alexander Trufanov

Export startPreviewScan slot

A new slot is moved to public in KSaneWidget to let user launch scan preview.
Intended to be used via SkanLite which supports D-Bus global hotkeys.

Differential Revision:
parent e79047d3
......@@ -649,6 +649,16 @@ void KSaneWidget::scanFinal()
void KSaneWidget::startPreviewScan()
if (d->m_btnFrame->isEnabled()) {
} else {
// if the button frame is disabled, there is no open device to scan from
emit scanDone(KSaneWidget::ErrorGeneral, QStringLiteral(""));
void KSaneWidget::scanCancel()
if (d->m_scanThread->isRunning()) {
......@@ -237,6 +237,9 @@ public Q_SLOTS:
* imageReady signal. */
void scanFinal();
/** This method can be used to start a preview scan. */
void startPreviewScan();
* This Signal is emitted when a final scan is ready.
......@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ public Q_SLOTS:
void devListUpdated();
void signalDevListUpdate();
void startFinalScan();
void startPreviewScan();
void previewScanDone();
void oneFinalScanDone();
void updateProgress();
......@@ -93,8 +94,6 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
void setBRX(float x);
void setBRY(float y);
void startPreviewScan();
void checkInvert();
void invertPreview();
void pollPollOptions();
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