Commit f88f843d authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano
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i18n: use plural forms for KSaneOption::unitString() strings

The resulting string is set as suffix for KPluralHandlingSpinBox.
KPluralHandlingSpinBox tries to substitute the value, so the
KLocalizedString set must be either a plural form.

Hence, make all the strings returned by KSaneOption::unitString()
as plural forms.

BUG: 370940
FIXED-IN: 20.07.80
parent c3ab87d6
......@@ -368,10 +368,10 @@ KLocalizedString KSaneOption::unitString()
case SANE_UNIT_NONE: return KLocalizedString();
case SANE_UNIT_PIXEL: return ki18ncp("SpinBox parameter unit", " Pixel", " Pixels");
case SANE_UNIT_BIT: return ki18ncp("SpinBox parameter unit", " Bit", " Bits");
case SANE_UNIT_MM: return ki18nc("SpinBox parameter unit (Millimeter)", " mm");
case SANE_UNIT_DPI: return ki18nc("SpinBox parameter unit (Dots Per Inch)", " DPI");
case SANE_UNIT_PERCENT: return ki18nc("SpinBox parameter unit (Percentage)", " %");
case SANE_UNIT_MICROSECOND: return ki18nc("SpinBox parameter unit (Microseconds)", " µs");
case SANE_UNIT_MM: return ki18ncp("SpinBox parameter unit (Millimeter)", " mm", " mm");
case SANE_UNIT_DPI: return ki18ncp("SpinBox parameter unit (Dots Per Inch)", " DPI", " DPI");
case SANE_UNIT_PERCENT: return ki18ncp("SpinBox parameter unit (Percentage)", " %", " %");
case SANE_UNIT_MICROSECOND: return ki18ncp("SpinBox parameter unit (Microseconds)", " µs", " µs");
return KLocalizedString();
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