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    Improve searching code · dff8bf1b
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    Also simplified code a bit by removing unnecessary calls to toLower in TextPagePrivate::findTextInternalForward and TextPagePrivate::findTextInternalBackward I also fixed a small bug: the letter capital I with dot above (U+0130) did not match itself in case-insensitive mode on Qt 4.8.4 (U+0130 still does not match lowercase i (U+0069), which can be considered another bug, that I didn't fix (although this behavior conforms to the Unicode case folding rules)).
    (I did not implement the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm that I promised in a comment of Bug 323263 because on second thought I find that the win, if any, would probably be negligible except for some very special documents and special query strings.)
    BUGS: 323262
    BUGS: 323263
    REVIEW: 112135
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