Commit 02ea499d authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid
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I don't consider myself the maintainer

parent c55c44ed
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ inline KAboutData okularAboutData()
about.addAuthor(QStringLiteral("Pino Toscano"), i18n("Former maintainer"), QStringLiteral(""));
about.addAuthor(QStringLiteral("Tobias Koenig"), i18n("Lots of framework work, ODT and FictionBook backends"), QStringLiteral(""));
about.addAuthor(QStringLiteral("Albert Astals Cid"), i18n("Current maintainer"), QStringLiteral(""));
about.addAuthor(QStringLiteral("Albert Astals Cid"), i18n("Developer"), QStringLiteral(""));
about.addAuthor(QStringLiteral("Piotr Szymanski"), i18n("Created Okular from KPDF codebase"), QStringLiteral(""));
about.addAuthor(QStringLiteral("Enrico Ros"), i18n("KPDF developer"), QStringLiteral(""));
about.addCredit(QStringLiteral("Eugene Trounev"), i18n("Annotations artwork"), QStringLiteral(""));
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