Commit 2e1ddaa1 authored by David Hurka's avatar David Hurka 🐬
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Enable horizontal mouse wrap for Browse tool drag scrolling

Also fixes calculation of wrap edges, where top and bottom edge were swapped.

BUG: 371904
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......@@ -2192,8 +2192,10 @@ void PageView::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *e)
// Wrap mouse cursor
Qt::Edges wrapEdges;
wrapEdges.setFlag(Qt::TopEdge, verticalScrollBar()->value() > verticalScrollBar()->minimum());
wrapEdges.setFlag(Qt::BottomEdge, verticalScrollBar()->value() < verticalScrollBar()->maximum());
wrapEdges.setFlag(Qt::TopEdge, verticalScrollBar()->value() < verticalScrollBar()->maximum());
wrapEdges.setFlag(Qt::BottomEdge, verticalScrollBar()->value() > verticalScrollBar()->minimum());
wrapEdges.setFlag(Qt::LeftEdge, horizontalScrollBar()->value() < horizontalScrollBar()->maximum());
wrapEdges.setFlag(Qt::RightEdge, horizontalScrollBar()->value() > horizontalScrollBar()->minimum());
d->mouseGrabOffset -= CursorWrapHelper::wrapCursor(e->pos(), wrapEdges);
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