Commit 2fc710d1 authored by Christoph Roick's avatar Christoph Roick
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Restrict quick annotation shortcut context

Only handle shortcuts to quick annotation actions
if the Okular part is focussed. Otherwise, Okular as
embedded plugin might involuntarily steal numeric input
from the main application (like in the Kate preview plugin).
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......@@ -383,8 +383,10 @@ void AnnotationActionHandlerPrivate::populateQuickAnnotations()
aQuickToolsBar->insertAction(actionBarInsertPosition++, annFav);
if (shortcutNumber != numberKeys.end())
if (shortcutNumber != numberKeys.end()) {
QObject::connect(annFav, &KToggleAction::toggled, q, [this, favToolId](bool checked) {
if (checked) {
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