Commit 357f198c authored by Gilbert Assaf's avatar Gilbert Assaf

kio_msits emits mimetype again

kio_msits emitting mimetype function ported to QT5. A kio slave should always emit the mimetype (see kio slave api doc).

Reviewed at
parent dc85379c
......@@ -123,13 +123,13 @@ void ProtocolMSITS::get( const QUrl& url )
totalSize( buf.size() );
#if 0 //PORT QT5
QMimeDatabase db;
QMimeType result = db.mimeTypeForNameAndData( fileName, buf );
QMimeType result = db.mimeTypeForFileNameAndData( fileName, buf );
qCDebug(KIO_MITS_LOG) << "Emitting mimetype " <<;
mimeType( );
mimeType( );
data( buf );
processedSize( buf.size() );
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