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Update docs with the new switch tab option description

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......@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ Context menu actions like Rename Bookmarks etc.)
<releaseinfo>1.10 (Applications 20.04)</releaseinfo>
<releaseinfo>1.11 (Applications 20.08)</releaseinfo>
<!-- Abstract about this handbook -->
<para>&okular; is a &kde; universal document viewer based on &kpdf; code.</para>
......@@ -2230,6 +2230,12 @@ Context menu actions like Rename Bookmarks etc.)
<term><guilabel>Switch to existing tab if file is already open</guilabel></term>
<para>Whether &okular; should switch to a tab if the file is already open instead of opening a new tab. This option is disabled by default. Can be toggled only if <guilabel>Open new files in tabs</guilabel> is enabled.</para>
<term><guilabel>Obey DRM limitations</guilabel></term>
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