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Move the i18n context where it matters

Adding context to "%1" means nothing, how else is "%1" going to be
translated whatever the context is? Put the context in the actual colors
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......@@ -136,16 +136,16 @@ public:
bool textToolsEnabled;
const QList<QPair<KLocalizedString, QColor>> AnnotationActionHandlerPrivate::defaultColors = {{ki18n("Red"), Qt::red},
{ki18n("Orange"), QColor(255, 85, 0)},
{ki18n("Yellow"), Qt::yellow},
{ki18n("Green"), Qt::green},
{ki18n("Cyan"), Qt::cyan},
{ki18n("Blue"), Qt::blue},
{ki18n("Magenta"), Qt::magenta},
{ki18n("White"), Qt::white},
{ki18n("Gray"), Qt::gray},
{ki18n("Black"), Qt::black}
const QList<QPair<KLocalizedString, QColor>> AnnotationActionHandlerPrivate::defaultColors = {{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Red"), Qt::red},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Orange"), QColor(255, 85, 0)},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Yellow"), Qt::yellow},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Green"), Qt::green},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Cyan"), Qt::cyan},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Blue"), Qt::blue},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Magenta"), Qt::magenta},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "White"), Qt::white},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Gray"), Qt::gray},
{ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Black"), Qt::black}
......@@ -384,13 +384,13 @@ KSelectAction *AnnotationActionHandlerPrivate::colorPickerAction(AnnotationColor
QString aText(i18nc("@action:intoolbar Current annotation config option", "Color"));
if (colorType == AnnotationColor::InnerColor) {
aText = i18nc("@action:intoolbar Current annotation config option", "Fill Color");
colorList.append(QPair<KLocalizedString, Qt::GlobalColor>(ki18n("Transparent"), Qt::transparent));
colorList.append(QPair<KLocalizedString, Qt::GlobalColor>(ki18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "Transparent"), Qt::transparent));
KSelectAction *aColorPicker = new KSelectAction(QIcon(), aText, q);
for (const auto &colorNameValue : colorList) {
QColor color(colorNameValue.second);
QAction *aColor = new QAction(GuiUtils::createColorIcon({color}, QIcon(), GuiUtils::VisualizeTransparent), i18nc("@item:inlistbox Color name", "%1", colorNameValue.first), q);
QAction *aColor = new QAction(GuiUtils::createColorIcon({color}, QIcon(), GuiUtils::VisualizeTransparent), colorNameValue.first.toString(), q);
QObject::connect(aColor, &QAction::triggered, q, [this, colorType, color]() { slotSetColor(colorType, color); });
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