Commit 6fe6e884 authored by Marco Martin's avatar Marco Martin
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make sure horiz scrollbar is off when not needed

size the page correctly to not have the horizontal
scrollbar when not needed, and make sure the flickable
is not interactive, as flicking is managed by hand
with a mousearea
parent eb1f7380
......@@ -33,15 +33,17 @@ QtControls.ScrollView {
property DocumentItem document
property PageItem page: mouseArea.currPageDelegate.pageItem
signal clicked
onWidthChanged: resizeTimer.restart()
onHeightChanged: resizeTimer.restart()
//NOTE: on some themes it tries to set the flickable to interactive
//but we need it always non interactive as we need to manage
//dragging by ourselves
Component.onCompleted: flick.interactive = false
Flickable {
id: flick
anchors.fill: parent
interactive: false
onWidthChanged: resizeTimer.restart()
onHeightChanged: resizeTimer.restart()
clip: true
Component.onCompleted: {
flick.contentWidth = flick.width
flick.contentHeight = flick.width / mouseArea.currPageDelegate.pageRatio
......@@ -248,4 +250,4 @@ QtControls.ScrollView {
\ No newline at end of file
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