Commit 9014ef75 authored by Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark's avatar Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark
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Fix setting of icon in backend about dialog

parent 2e243230
......@@ -2647,19 +2647,26 @@ void Part::slotAboutBackend()
KAboutData aboutData = KAboutData::fromPluginMetaData(data);
if (data.iconName().isEmpty())
// fall back to mime type icon
QIcon icon = QIcon::fromTheme(data.iconName());
// fall back to mime type icon
if (icon.isNull()) {
const Okular::DocumentInfo documentInfo = m_document->documentInfo(QSet<DocumentInfo::Key>() << DocumentInfo::MimeType);
const QString mimeTypeName = documentInfo.get(DocumentInfo::MimeType);
if (!mimeTypeName.isEmpty())
if (!mimeTypeName.isEmpty()) {
QMimeDatabase db;
QMimeType type = db.mimeTypeForName(mimeTypeName);
if (type.isValid())
if (type.isValid()) {
icon = QIcon::fromTheme(type.iconName());
if (!icon.isNull()) {
// 48x48 is what KAboutApplicationDialog wants, which doesn't match any default so we hardcode it
aboutData.setProgramLogo(icon.pixmap(48, 48));
KAboutApplicationDialog dlg(aboutData, widget());
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