Commit a39708e7 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid
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Remove setTextIcon call that we already do at createAnnotationFromPopplerAnnotation

parent eed89aae
......@@ -650,18 +650,6 @@ Okular::Annotation *createAnnotationFromPopplerAnnotation(Poppler::Annotation *p
if (externallyDrawn)
okularAnnotation->setFlags(okularAnnotation->flags() | Okular::Annotation::ExternallyDrawn);
if (okularAnnotation->subType() == Okular::Annotation::AText) {
Okular::TextAnnotation *txtann = static_cast<Okular::TextAnnotation *>(okularAnnotation);
if (txtann->textType() == Okular::TextAnnotation::Linked) {
Poppler::TextAnnotation *ppl_txtann = static_cast<Poppler::TextAnnotation *>(popplerAnnotation);
// Poppler and Okular assume a different default icon name in XML
// We re-read it via getter, which always tells the right one
// Convert the poppler annotation style to Okular annotation style
Okular::Annotation::Style &okularStyle = okularAnnotation->style();
const Poppler::Annotation::Style popplerStyle = popplerAnnotation->style();
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