Commit ab1d3a36 authored by Alex Richardson's avatar Alex Richardson
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Set the KXMLGUI component name to okular

Without this the .rc files will not be found by the unit tests or other
programs that use okularpart
parent e5383ea2
......@@ -292,6 +292,10 @@ const QVariantList &args)
m_tempfile( 0 ), m_fileWasRemoved( false ), m_showMenuBarAction( 0 ), m_showFullScreenAction( 0 ), m_actionsSearched( false ),
m_cliPresentation(false), m_cliPrint(false), m_embedMode(detectEmbedMode(parentWidget, parent, args)), m_generatorGuiClient(0), m_keeper( 0 )
// make sure that the component name is okular otherwise the XMLGUI .rc files are not found
// when this part is used in an application other than okular (e.g. unit tests)
setComponentName(QStringLiteral("okular"), QString());
// first, we check if a config file name has been specified
QString configFileName = detectConfigFileName( args );
if ( configFileName.isEmpty() )
......@@ -65,6 +65,8 @@ Shell::Shell( const QString &serializedOptions )
setObjectName( QStringLiteral( "okular::Shell#" ) );
setContextMenuPolicy( Qt::NoContextMenu );
// otherwise .rc file won't be found by unit test
setComponentName(QStringLiteral("okular"), QString());
// set the shell's ui resource file
m_fileformatsscanned = false;
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