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textpage: Don't use the page bounding rect as initial text rect

The bounding rect is *visual* and it can happen that we have
invisible text and thus the algorithm will get super confused
because there will be text items that are outside the text area
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......@@ -1353,10 +1353,10 @@ static void calculateStatisticalInformation(const QList<WordWithCharacters> &wor
* The resulting RegionTextList will contain RegionText whose WordsWithCharacters::word and
* WordsWithCharacters::characters are reused from wordsWithCharacters (i.e. no new nor delete happens in this function)
static RegionTextList XYCutForBoundingBoxes(const QList<WordWithCharacters> &wordsWithCharacters, const NormalizedRect &boundingBox, int pageWidth, int pageHeight)
static RegionTextList XYCutForBoundingBoxes(const QList<WordWithCharacters> &wordsWithCharacters, int pageWidth, int pageHeight)
RegionTextList tree;
QRect contentRect(boundingBox.geometry(pageWidth, pageHeight));
QRect contentRect(0, 0, pageWidth, pageHeight);
const RegionText root(wordsWithCharacters, contentRect);
// start the tree with the root, it is our only region at the start
......@@ -1675,7 +1675,7 @@ void TextPagePrivate::correctTextOrder()
* Make a XY Cut tree for segmentation of the texts
const RegionTextList tree = XYCutForBoundingBoxes(wordsWithCharacters, m_page->boundingBox(), pageWidth, pageHeight);
const RegionTextList tree = XYCutForBoundingBoxes(wordsWithCharacters, pageWidth, pageHeight);
* Add spaces to the word
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