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Add an autotest for bug 421159

Bug 421159 involves a combination of scrolling with the scroll bar
and the mouse wheel.  This patch adds an autotest for the bug,
to make sure it doesn't come back.
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......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ private slots:
void testGeneratorPreferences();
void testSelectText();
void testClickInternalLink();
void testScrollBarAndMouseWheel();
void testOpenUrlArguments();
void test388288();
void testSaveAs();
......@@ -315,6 +316,50 @@ void PartTest::testClickInternalLink()
QTRY_COMPARE(part.m_document->currentPage(), 1u);
// Test for bug 421159, which is: When scrolling down with the scroll bar
// followed by scrolling down with the mouse wheel, the mouse wheel scrolling
// will make the viewport jump back to the first page.
void PartTest::testScrollBarAndMouseWheel()
QVariantList dummyArgs;
Okular::Part part(nullptr, nullptr, dummyArgs);
QVERIFY(openDocument(&part, QStringLiteral(KDESRCDIR "data/simple-multipage.pdf")));
// wait for pixmap
// Make sure we are on the first page
QCOMPARE(part.m_document->currentPage(), 0u);
// Two clicks on the vertical scrollbar
auto scrollBar = part.m_pageView->verticalScrollBar();
QTest::mouseClick(scrollBar, Qt::LeftButton);
QTest::qWait(QApplication::doubleClickInterval() * 2); // Wait a tiny bit
QTest::mouseClick(scrollBar, Qt::LeftButton);
// We have scrolled enough to be on the second page now
QCOMPARE(part.m_document->currentPage(), 1u);
// Scroll further down using the mouse wheel
auto wheelDown = new QWheelEvent({}, {}, {}, {0, -150}, Qt::NoButton, Qt::NoModifier, Qt::NoScrollPhase, false);
QCoreApplication::postEvent(part.m_pageView->viewport(), wheelDown);
// Wait a little for the scrolling to actually happen.
// We should still be on the second page after that.
// This test for bug 421159 has been committed when there was no fix for the bug
// available yet. That's why the final QCOMPARE is preceded by QEXPECT_FAIL.
// Please remove the QEXPECT_FAIL together with the fix for bug 421159.
QEXPECT_FAIL("", "Please remove this QEXPECT_FAIL once bug 421159 is fixed!", Continue);
QCOMPARE(part.m_document->currentPage(), 1u);
// cursor switches to Hand when hovering over link in TextSelect mode.
void PartTest::testMouseMoveOverLinkWhileInSelectionMode()
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