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poppler: Convert Stamp annotations via C++

Instead of via the magic XML cycle of Poppler::AnnotationUtils::storeAnnotation + Okular::AnnotationUtils::createAnnotation
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......@@ -563,6 +563,15 @@ static Okular::Annotation *createAnnotationFromPopplerAnnotation(const Poppler::
return oCaretAnn;
static Okular::Annotation *createAnnotationFromPopplerAnnotation(const Poppler::StampAnnotation *popplerAnnotation)
Okular::StampAnnotation *oStampAnn = new Okular::StampAnnotation();
return oStampAnn;
Okular::Annotation *createAnnotationFromPopplerAnnotation(Poppler::Annotation *popplerAnnotation, const Poppler::Page &popplerPage, bool *doDelete)
Okular::Annotation *okularAnnotation = nullptr;
......@@ -675,14 +684,9 @@ Okular::Annotation *createAnnotationFromPopplerAnnotation(Poppler::Annotation *p
case Poppler::Annotation::AStamp:
tieToOkularAnn = true;
*doDelete = false;
/* fallthrough */
okularAnnotation = createAnnotationFromPopplerAnnotation(static_cast<Poppler::StampAnnotation *>(popplerAnnotation));
default: {
// this is uber ugly but i don't know a better way to do it without introducing a poppler::annotation dependency on core
QDomDocument doc;
QDomElement root = doc.createElement(QStringLiteral("root"));
Poppler::AnnotationUtils::storeAnnotation(popplerAnnotation, root, doc);
okularAnnotation = Okular::AnnotationUtils::createAnnotation(root);
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