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Don't allow saving over read-only files

BUGS: 440986
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......@@ -2545,6 +2545,15 @@ bool Part::saveAs(const QUrl &saveUrl, SaveAsFlags flags)
// Figure out the real save url, for symlinks we don't want to copy over the symlink but over the target file
const QUrl realSaveUrl = resolveSymlinksIfFileExists(saveUrl);
// Due to the way we write we can overwrite readonly files so check if it's one and just bail out early
if (realSaveUrl.isLocalFile()) {
const QFileInfo fi(realSaveUrl.toLocalFile());
if (fi.exists() && !fi.isWritable()) {
KMessageBox::information(widget(), i18n("File could not be saved in '%1'. Try to save it to another location.", realSaveUrl.toLocalFile()));
return false;
QScopedPointer<QTemporaryFile> tempFile;
KIO::Job *copyJob = nullptr; // this will be filled with the job that writes to saveUrl
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