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      Port away from QDesktopWidget · 93e67cca
      David Hurka authored
      This ports Shell from QDesktopWidget to QScreen (trivial),
      and removes unused QDesktopWidget includes (super-trivial).
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      Overhaul annotations UX · 0b05d7ce
      Simone Gaiarin authored
      Create a new new annotation toolbar to replace the current one as discussed in the task T8076.
      BUG: 386578
      BUG: 374728
      BUG: 352310
      BUG: 330518
      BUG: 341914
      BUG: 157289
      BUG: 358057
      BUG: 412767
      BUG: 413595
      BUG: 420462
      FIXED-IN: 1.11.0
      Test Plan
      Before testing this revision
      Delete or Temporary move aside the following files:
      Actions in the main toolbar:
      Quick annotations
      Actions in the annotation toolbar:
      Annotation actions Highlighter, Underline, Squiggle, Strike out, Typewriter,
      Inline note, Popup note, Freehand line, Arrow, Straight line, Rectangle, Ellipse,
      Polygon, Stamp
      Annotation config actions Line width, Color, Inner color, Opacity, Font, Annotation settings
      Other actions Add to Quick Annotations, Pin
       First run: annotation toolbar is not visible
       Selecting Tools > Annotations shows the annotation toolbar (below the main toolbar by default)
       Select an annotation > toolbar is shown
       Select a quick annotation > toolbar is shown
       Hide action (red cross) on the toolbar hides the toolbar
       Keys 1-9,0 select the (builtin) Annotation actions (one case tested)
       Keys Alt+1-9,0 select the quick annotation actions (one case tested)
       No annotation action selected: Quick Annotations is enabled, Add to quick annotations is disabled, Annotation config actions are disabled, Pin is enabled
       The current document is an image: Highlighter, Underline, Squiggle, Strike out are disabled (also in Quick annotations)
       The current document is protected: All actions are disabled
       Select annotation: the  Annotation config actions are enabled and their values set to the ones for the current annotation (taken from okularpartrc)
       Click an annotation action when none selected: browse mode is selected
       Click the currently selected annotation action: the action is unchecked and the tool disabled (back to browse mode)
       Click ESC: the currently selected annotation action is unchecked
       If Pin unchecked the selected annotation is unchecked after it has be used once and we are back to Browse mode
       The annotation systems works when multiple Okular tabs are open (the selected annotation is per-tab)
      Manual tests
      (TODO) Check that kconf_update updates the key AnnotationTools to QuickAnnotationTools in ~/.config/okularpartrc
      Color icon is a format-text-color (if inline note or typewriter) or format-stroke-color for all other annotations
      All actions have tooltips (some change based on the fact that the icon is enabled or not)
      If a custom Line Width or Opacity is set through the Annotation Settings dialog, its value appears as a new checked action in the Line width or Opacity menu
      If a custom stamp is selected through the Annotation Settings dialog, its name or filename (without path) appears as a new checked action in the Stamp menu
      In Configure Okular > Annotations it is only possible to configure the quick annotations. Modifying them here updates the Quick annotations list after clicking Apply
      The current document is an image: Highlighter, Underline, Squiggle, Strike out are disabled in Quick annotations
      The state of Pin action is remembered across Okular launches
      Selecting a quick action selects the corresponding action and loads its config values (color, line width, ...)
      Setting the color and fill color works for all annotations (to be tested carefully, can be problematic for typewriter and inline note given the different internal mechanism to store the color in the settings)
      Test stamp annotation (handled differently from the rest of the annotations)
      Merge Request: graphics/okular!105
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    • Bob Bai's avatar
      Enable closing a tab by middle click · 60f1fa79
      Bob Bai authored
      Some discussions at https://phabricator.kde.org/D25484.
      This MR adds:
      * mouse middle button event handler for closing a tab
      * an `undo close tab` action
      Test plan:
      1. Compile and install.
      2. Enable `Open new files in tabs`.
      3. Open two documents. They should be opened in two tabs in the same window.
      4. Middle click one of the tabs. It should be closed.
      5. Choose `File`-`Undo close tab`. The closed tab should be reopened.
      6. Middle click one of the tabs. It should be closed.
      7. Press <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>Shift</kbd>+<kbd>T</kbd>. The closed tab should be reopened.
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    • Tobias Deiminger's avatar
      Avoid crash during session restore · d1ea28fc
      Tobias Deiminger authored
      Do all access to the passed KConfigGroup really synchronous to KMainWindow::readProperties, then we're safe.
      Currently kxmlgui can't guarantee that the passed KConfigGroup is still valid after our call to Shell::openUrl(). This is because inside Shell::openUrl, QDialog::exec may get called. The stacked event loop processes all kinds of asynchronous events, and litterally *anything* can happen. E.g. incoming ICE and DBus messages may be processed. In bug 395765 it happened that XSMP SafeYourself was processed, which calls KConfigGui::setSessionConfig, which leaves the KConfig pointer inside KConfigGroup dangling.
      BUGS: 395765
      Test Plan:
      - get recent Qt5 and KF5
      - manually save desktop session while a document is open in okular
      - modify ~/.config/session/okular_<sessionid> so that Urls points to non existing file
      - manually restore session with okular -session <session_id>, dialog will open and warn about non existent file
      - okular shall not crash after closing that dialog
      Reviewers: aacid
      Reviewed By: aacid
      Subscribers: aacid, okular-devel
      Tags: #okular
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16457
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    • Dileep Sankhla's avatar
      Option to exit after printing · 09b7b079
      Dileep Sankhla authored
      When running okular with the parameter --print to directly open the print mode, it doesn't exit after acknowledging the print dialog. Hence adding --print_and_exit option exits Okular after acknowledging the print dialog and thus is useful for the command line batch processing or a Dolphin service as the issue suggests.
      FEATURE: 318998
      Test Plan:
      1. open a file in Okular using the parameter --print. It will open Okular in print mode with the print dialog
      2. Either print the file or cancel the print dialog
      3. You will find that Okular stays open
      4. Now using this patch, see for available options with the --help parameter. You will find --print_and_exit option
      5. Now open a file in Okular using the parameter --print_and_exit. It will open Okular in print mode with the print dialog
      6. Either print the file or cancel the print dialog
      7. You will find that Okular closes after acknowledging the dialog
      Reviewers: aacid, #okular, ngraham
      Subscribers: ltoscano, ngraham, aacid, #okular
      Tags: #okular
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D10249
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    • Albert Astals Cid's avatar
      Show dialog to ask when closing when more than tab open · 95a32d77
      Albert Astals Cid authored
      The checkbox is checked and says "Warn me on closing more than one tab",
      for that reason we can't use the default KMessageBox::questionYesNo since
      there the checkbox is always not checked and it's when checked that you enable it
      Inspired by code from torham zed torhamzed@yahoo.com at review request 126406
      Reviewers: #okular, #kde_applications
      Subscribers: alexeymin, ngraham, colomar, rkflx, #okular
      Tags: #okular
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D7714
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