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      Simplify `QPainter::drawRoundedRect` usage · 2ad9e6f0
      snooxx authored
      After fixing the porting mistake done in 78d983ee, `drawRoundedRect` can
      be further simplified to not use any relative sizes anymore.
      We can also assume that the code in `dviRenderer::epsf_special` was
      supposed to use a constant corner radius and therefore was wrong
      initially. By dropping `Qt::RelativeSize` the code might become closer
      to its originally intended behavior.
      Test Plan:
        - No change in behavior for rounded corners of "Welcome" popup message
          and "No Annotations" message in sidebar.
        - Could not test DVI code path.
  19. 08 Mar, 2022 1 commit
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      Bring corner radius of popup messages in line with widget style · 1d30b03e
      snooxx authored
      In 0070baaf `PageViewMessage` to display on-canvas notifications was
      introduced, featuring rounded corners. Over the years, overall
      preferences in the industry regarding the corner radius have changed
      multiple times, with recent efforts trying to ensure a more consistent
      usage in the entire UI of KDE's products.
      Let's use a corner radius better matching the radius commonly used in
      the current widget style, i.e. a bit less rounded, to make the message
      fit in better with surrounding buttons and frames. Note that this is not
      specific to Breeze, since most widget styles nowadays use a similar
      corner radius. The radius is compatible with `KTextEditor::Message` too,
      which is used in a similar context.
      Test Plan:
        - Start Okular: The "Welcome" message and the "Document Loaded"
          message have a more professional look to them.
        - Open the annotations sidebar: The "No Annotations" message better
          fits in with the sidebar's frame.
  20. 07 Mar, 2022 1 commit
    • snooxx's avatar
      Restore properly rounded corners of popup messages · 667e7332
      snooxx authored
      78d983ee led to some rounded corners in the UI not being perfectly
      circular anymore: Popup messages would stretch the rounding depending on
      message length, and the rounded corner of the message in the annotation
      bar would get distorted while changing the sidebar's width.
      That commit tried to fix the following `warning: ‘void
      QPainter::drawRoundRect(int, int, int, int, int, int)’ is deprecated:
      Use drawRoundedRect(..., Qt::RelativeSize)` by changing to
      `drawRoundedRect`, but missed to also add `Qt::RelativeSize`.
      Adding the missing flag fixes both issues. The change is also
      implemented in `dviRenderer::epsf_special` (introduced in be544056,
      changed in 55dc43bf) for correctness.
      Test Plan:
        - Start Okular. The "Welcome" message and the "Document Loaded"
          message have perfectly rounded corners again, not depending
          on message length.
        - Change width of the annotations sidebar: The "No Annotations"
          message does not change its rounded corners anymore.
        - Running in HiDPI mode retains the correct behavior.
        - Note: There does not seem to be a trivial/convenient way to trigger
          the DVI code path.
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