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      Print via QPrinter when rasterizing and printing annotations · 0c4c2ddb
      Oliver Sander authored
      When the user chooses to print with rasterization and annotations,
      it is easy to print directly to a QPrinter, rather than converting
      to PostScript and then using CUPS tools.  The code for it was
      already there, but it was hidden behind an #ifdef Q_OS_WIN.
      This patch enables it for all plattforms.  If nothing else,
      it will make an interesting debugging tool, because it allows
      to bypass the postscript & CUPS toolchain from the GUI.
      This may allow to track down some of the numerous my-printer-settings-
      are-getting-ignored bugs.
      The previously windows-only rasterization code used printer.physicalDpiX()
      as the rasterization resolution.  At least on my machine this resulted
      in a dpi value of 1200, which means quite a lot of memory is used.
      I left the windows code untouched, but on Unix I lowered that value
      to 300dpi, which is what the postscript rasterizer uses.
      Incidentally, this patch does fix at least one bug for me:
      Without it, my printer will happily ignore the 'print in grayscale'
      button.  With the patch, that button is suddenly honoured.
      REVIEW: 130218
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