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    • David Hurka's avatar
      Replace ToolAction by ToggleActionMenu · c6d937ab
      David Hurka authored
      This replaces ToolAction by a near-drop-in replacement named ToggleActionMenu. The new annotation toolbar already uses this (D15580).
      Unlike ToolAction, ToggleActionMenu inherits from KActionMenu to be more flexible.
      * Menu can be set from outside, not hard coded.
      * Default action for toolbar button is controllable from outside. (Theoretically, the button could trigger //anything// now.)
      * KActionMenu instead of KSelectAction:
        - Pluggable in other menus, thus called “Menu”.
        - Doesn’t make the actions exclusive, so //any// actions can be added to the menu.
      * ImplicitDefaultAction mode can choose the default action of the toolbar buttons automatically, by looking for the first checked action in the menu.
      Toolbar buttons use the default action //of// this menu, not this menu itself as action.
      Because the default action is configurable now, D21622 and D21635 (where we tried to fine-tune ToolAction) become obsolete.
      Everything like before, here with mouse_selecttool added to Tools menu to show submenu capability.
      Test Plan:
      ToolAction replacement and ImplicitDefaultAction mode:
       * Open Okular and look at toolbar button -> has correct tool selected.
       * Open a document.
       * Look at toolbar button menu -> Correct menu entries (like before, with ToolAction).
       * Select some selection tools through shortcuts and toolbar button -> behaves correctly.
      Usage as submenu:
       * Add ToggleActionMenu ("mouse_selecttool") to menubar (..../kxmlgui5/okular/part.rc) -> Submenu looks correctly, has no checkbox attached and so on...
      Toolbar buttons:
       * Add diverse other actions to the menu -> still works as before.
       * Add actions when toolbar buttons are already created -> actions are added to existing buttons.
       * setDefaultAction() to some completely unrelated action. -> ToggleActionMenu does not get confused.
      Reviewers: simgunz
      Reviewed By: simgunz
      Subscribers: aacid, ngraham, simgunz, okular-devel
      Tags: #okular
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D21971
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    • Tobias Deiminger's avatar
      Fix race condition in generator.cpp · 378e99d7
      Tobias Deiminger authored
      The check whether to allocate a new QMutex was unprotected.
      Two threads may check and allocate concurrently, but only one pointer gets
      remembered, the other one will leak. In worst case the returned
      mutex is different for two threads, so that two threads try to
      synchronize by using two different mutexes.
    • Tobias Deiminger's avatar
      Fix render stop and high load due to timing issue · 593803b0
      Tobias Deiminger authored
      Text generation is connected to pixmap generation thread started signal.
      However the signal may have been emitted faster than the connect could took place,
      and because started is fired only once, the connected lambda never got executed.
      generatePixmap tried to sync up with that never happening text generation anyway
      by means of scheduling itself. This lead to a infinite loop via a no more sleeping QEventLoop.
      Fixed by moving the connect in front of starting the thread.
      BUG: 396137
      BUG: 396087
      CCBUG: 403643
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    • Kai Uwe Broulik's avatar
      Port SearchLineWidget to use KBusyIndicatorWidget · 643a0804
      Kai Uwe Broulik authored
      It's a lot nicer than manually painting a KPixmapSequence and supports high dpi out of the box.
      The new code requires Frameworks >= 5.61, it is therefore only enabled
      if at least that Frameworks version is available.
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