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    • Simone Gaiarin's avatar
      Store the state of the builtin annotations in a new config key · 10d92fbe
      Simone Gaiarin authored
      Using the new configuration key BuiltinAnnotationTools instead of AnnotationTools, we avoid any conflicts in the configuration files due to the fact that the key AnnotationTools had a different meaning in the previous versions of Okular. In particular we avoid the critical problem that the actions in the UI do not match the actual annotation tools. The conflict may happen if the kconf_update script is not executed for some reason (e.g. okular running from flatpack).
      BUG: 425354
      FIXED-IN: 1.11.1
  8. 07 Aug, 2020 2 commits
  9. 06 Aug, 2020 1 commit
    • David Hurka's avatar
      PresentationWidget: Fix screen switching at runtime · 2c70ec41
      David Hurka authored
      Screen switching from inside presentation mode currently does not work correctly.
      The reason is that the widget geometry() shall be moved
      *while* the widget is configured as fullscreen.
      This patch temporarily disables fullscreen, so the screen can be switched.
      You can check it with release 20.04:
      Screen switching from within presentation mode will not work.
      Set the widget to windowed (e. g. Alt+F3 or right-click in task manager),
      screen switching will work now.
      !233 shall port PresentationWidget to QScreen in release 20.12,
      so this is just a compact workaround without much intelligence.
      The drawback is that custom window rules might get confused when the
      screen geometry changes for some reasons.
  10. 05 Aug, 2020 2 commits
    • Simone Gaiarin's avatar
      Find built-in tool corresponding to quick tool at runtime · 72f5a2db
      Simone Gaiarin authored
      In this way it is possible to drop the `sourceId` attribute from the quick tools definition. This simplifies the code logic and makes it easier to update user settings from the previous version of Okular (because there is no need to add the attribute `sourceId`
      This also fixes the crash due to the fact that `sourceId` was not correctly created when a quick annotation is created from the Annotation page of Okualr Settings.
      BUG: 424810
      FIXED-IN: 1.11.0
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    • David Hurka's avatar
      Annotations: explicitly accept tablet event when it is handled · 15ac564b
      David Hurka authored
      This fixes the jagged freehand lines problem.
      It was caused because tablet events were not accepted, and so were delivered again as mouse event, creating an additional line point slightly offset, causing sharp line angles.
      BUG: 410723
      FIXED-IN: 1.11
    • David Hurka's avatar
      Add Constrain Angle action for annotation tools, alternative to pressing Shift · 34708565
      David Hurka authored
      This adds a KToggleAction which sets annotation tools to constrain angle mode.
      It provides an alternative user interface to the Shift button, which is used to constrain angles since MR !210.
      The action and the Shift button are XOR-ed, i. e. if constrain angle mode is activated, pressing Shift temporarily disables it.
      The action state is remembered accross sessions, for consistency with most other actions. It should be difficult to check this action without knowing of its existence, since it is not in any toolbar or menu, just in the action collection.
      The meaning of AnnotatorEngine::Modifiers was generalized a bit, moving the responsibility about whether to constrain angles back to PageViewAnnotator, because AnnotatorEngine does not know about the action.
      FEATURE: 353560
      FIXED-IN: 1.11
    • Simone Gaiarin's avatar
      Add tooltip to "Quick Annotations" · bba13ee5
      Simone Gaiarin authored
    • Simone Gaiarin's avatar
      Move "Quick Anotations" action next to selection tools · 166f3656
      Simone Gaiarin authored
      Partially addresses #15
  18. 14 Jul, 2020 3 commits
    • Simone Gaiarin's avatar
      Make connection unique for annotation visibility actions · f2338f40
      Simone Gaiarin authored
      This event is sent three times at startup and two times per tab at tab
      change, so let's make sure we setup the connections only once.
    • Simone Gaiarin's avatar
      Do not setup actions on tab destruction · 1a581c41
      Simone Gaiarin authored
      The toolbar actions must be setup only when a tab is selected thus
      activating a different part, while nothing should happen when a tab
      is closed.
      BUG 423335
    • David Hurka's avatar
      Add RTL layout KToggleAction · 13481bdf
      David Hurka authored
      This adds a KToggleAction to PageView, which toggles RTL layout, which was previously only accessible from Configure Okular -> General.
      The action is not in any toolbar, just in the action collection. Called "rtl_page_layout" and reads "Use Right to Left Reading Direction".
      FEATURE: 424103
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