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Commit 88faff5b authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

Fix crash in Kile preview mode when enabling fullscreen

Does not make sese to ask the user if he wants to go fullscreen on the
kile preview widget (or the milou preview widget, the other user of this
feature), and besides not making sense, it's crashing :D

BUGS: 390383
parent 1904f7e9
......@@ -1617,9 +1617,10 @@ bool Part::openFile()
m_sidebar->setCurrentItem( m_toc, Sidebar::DoNotUncollapseIfCollapsed );
// if the 'StartFullScreen' flag is set, or the command line flag was
// if the 'StartFullScreen' flag is set and we're not in viewer widget mode, or the command line flag was
// specified, start presentation
if ( m_document->metaData( QStringLiteral("StartFullScreen") ).toBool() || m_cliPresentation )
const bool presentationBecauseOfDocumentMetadata = ( m_embedMode != ViewerWidgetMode ) && m_document->metaData( QStringLiteral("StartFullScreen") ).toBool();
if ( presentationBecauseOfDocumentMetadata || m_cliPresentation )
bool goAheadWithPresentationMode = true;
if ( !m_cliPresentation )
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