Commit f0a80a67 authored by Andre Heinecke's avatar Andre Heinecke Committed by Albert Astals Cid

Recalculate forms after command form changes

notifyFormChanged is called by documentcommands when
Form fields are changed. E.g. by Undo / Redo.
We need to recalculate after such changes.

Test Plan:
Tested with simple_calculate example.

Run the unit test with the added line commented out and it failed, with the added line it passes.

Reviewers: #okular

Subscribers: aacid, ltoscano

Tags: #okular

Maniphest Tasks: T7805

Differential Revision:
parent 5f05e4a1
......@@ -91,6 +91,15 @@ void CalculateTextTest::testSimpleCalculate()
// Test that updating the field also worked with sum
QCOMPARE (fields[QStringLiteral ("Sum")]->text(), QStringLiteral( "40" ));
// Test that undo / redo works
QVERIFY( m_document->canUndo() );
QCOMPARE( fields[QStringLiteral ("Sum")]->text(), QStringLiteral( "60" ) );
QVERIFY( m_document->canRedo() );
QCOMPARE( fields[QStringLiteral ("Sum")]->text(), QStringLiteral( "40" ) );
QTEST_MAIN( CalculateTextTest )
......@@ -3406,6 +3406,7 @@ void DocumentPrivate::notifyAnnotationChanges( int page )
void DocumentPrivate::notifyFormChanges( int /*page*/ )
void Document::addPageAnnotation( int page, Annotation * annotation )
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