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Commit f264146e authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure

Fix crash when arguments().mimeType() is an invalid mimetype name.

I have a JIRA bug report with a PDF attached, and mid-clicking the PDF
in konqueror leads to opening an okularpart with mimetype="application/x-octet-stream"
(the x- in there is very unusual, and unknown to shared-mime-info).
Fixed with null pointer checks.

REVIEW: 122074
parent eb0da16e
......@@ -1325,18 +1325,20 @@ bool Part::openFile()
if ( !isstdin && !fileInfo.exists() )
return false;
KMimeType::Ptr pathMime = KMimeType::findByPath( fileNameToOpen );
if ( !arguments().mimeType().isEmpty() )
const QString argMimeType = arguments().mimeType();
if ( !argMimeType.isEmpty() )
KMimeType::Ptr argMime = KMimeType::mimeType( arguments().mimeType() );
KMimeType::Ptr argMime = KMimeType::mimeType( argMimeType );
// Select the "childmost" mimetype, if none of them
// inherits the other trust more what pathMime says
// but still do a second try if that one fails
if ( argMime->is( pathMime->name() ) )
if ( argMime && argMime->is( pathMime->name() ) )
mimes << argMime;
else if ( pathMime->is( argMime->name() ) )
else if ( !argMime || pathMime->is( argMime->name() ) )
mimes << pathMime;
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