Commit a8034a8d authored by Alexander Stippich's avatar Alexander Stippich
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fix image saving when preview is not shown

by always saving the data to the image.

BUG: 440970
parent c035bd90
......@@ -366,16 +366,15 @@ void Skanlite::showSettingsDialog(void)
void Skanlite::imageReady(const QImage &image)
// save the image data
m_img = image;
if (m_settingsUi.showB4Save->isChecked() == true) {
/* copy the image data into m_img and show it*/
m_img = image;
// show the image in the preview
// save has been done as a result of save or then we got cancel
else {
m_img = QImage(); // clear the image to ensure we save the correct one.
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