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    • Wolfgang Bauer's avatar
      Fix build with KIO before 5.69.0 · 8ac8fd1c
      Wolfgang Bauer authored
      Commit 823abcd2 introduced a call to KIO::statDetails(), which only exists
      since KIO 5.69.0.
      But the specified minimum KDE Frameworks version is 5.55.0, so switch back
      to using KIO::stat() when building with KIO < 5.69.0.
      Also, pass KIO::StatNoDetails to KIO::statDetails() to not request unnecessary
      details, as the intention is to just check whether the file exists.
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    • Alexander Trufanov's avatar
      DBus signal - imageSaved · 3084bd66
      Alexander Trufanov authored
      I would like to propose one more signal -  imageSaved(strFilename) which is emitted just after data is written to disk or uploaded. That might happen not simultaniously with scanComplete() and also conviniently communicates filename.
      Usecase is following: my HP has some bug (or probably this is a driver bug) and for color mode its scans are quite reddish. And It can't be fixed with gamma options provided by HP driver. I found out that I can get better results if postprocess files with GIMP. It allows adjust color balance of shadows/midtones/highlights pixels separately. I've written a script for that.
      With help of the new signal user can automatically execute some prostprocessing scripts like that.
      Example script demonstrates this gimp trick.
      New signal could be also used to automatically send file to printer and then to remove it.
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    • Alexander Trufanov's avatar
      D-Bus support · 9106f555
      Alexander Trufanov authored
      D-Bus interface to Skanlite. Lets user to get notified on hw buttons press, scan progress and its result. Returns device info, current scan options. Allows changing scan options and storing them as Skanlite config group as separate device-dependant settings profile and switching between them. Allows getting/setting scan area on page.
      Includes skanlite.khotkeys file that creates a hotkeys group with predifined hotkeys if imported in KHotkeys app. And two sample scripts demonstration work with Skanlite via DBus interface.
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    • Alexander Trufanov's avatar
      Bugfix: wrong folder selection dialog behavior · e9eaf4c8
      Alexander Trufanov authored
      There are 2 problems with directory selection dialog.
      1. If you scan very first page you'll get SaveLocation dialog but if you press the "..." button in it to specify folder for scans - a file selection dialog will be opened. Not directory selection, but file selection.  If you select a file in it - a directory selection dialog pop up just after you close previous one. So you'll get a second dialog. Your first file selection result will be overwritten by folder selection.
      2. If you choose for example "/tmp/" in directory selection dialog you'll get "/tmp" in the text box. Without trailing path separator. And resulted filename preview will be "/prefix-0001.png", not "/tmp/prefix-0001.png". If you didn't notice that and press ok you'll get an error as nothing can be saved to root. If you selected another folder you later may realize that your scans are in parent directory. Why? Bcs SkanLite doesn't check trailing path separator in directory path and believes that "/tmp" is a file tmp in the root folder. And Qt's directory selection dialogs always return directory name without trailing path separator in it.
      I've fixed both problems.
      Second one is easy, just `if (!dir.endsWith(QDir::separator())) dir = dir.append(QDir::separator());` before proceeding with directory selection results.
      First one is a bit awkward. There is a slot `getDir()` and 2 widgets connected to it. `u_urlRequester` from SaveLocation dialog and `getDirButton` from Settings dialog. the slot opens QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(). It's fine for getDirButton which is a QButton. But u_urlRequester is a KUrlRequester and contains own button and launches own file selection dialog which is for files by default. That's obviously wrong.
      There are notes in  `getDir()` slot about `// FIXME KF5`. Seems to be [this](https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-frameworks-devel/2014-March/013276.html) discussion. I believe it's irrelevant to this problem. Perhaps this problem is a former workaround for KF5 problem which is already disappeared.
      All you need to fix this behavior is to disconnect KUrlRequester from getDir() which explicitly calls getExistingDirectory() and let it use it's own. We just need to switch it in directory selection mode with `u_urlRequester->setMode(KFile::Directory);`.
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    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Ignore empty mime types · 2fafb6cb
      Pino Toscano authored
      Apparently QImageWriter::supportedMimeTypes() can return empty strings,
      which of course will be resolved as invalid QMimeType's (with related
      warnings on console).  As workaround, skip them.
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