Commit 3f2de14c authored by Srevin Saju's avatar Srevin Saju 🎲 Committed by Nate Graham
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feat: add support to copy image and copy file path from the command line in background mode

The command line flags have changed from --clipboard to --copy-image and --copy-path
for copying image and path in background mode
parent 83e8c197
......@@ -168,8 +168,10 @@ void SpectacleCore::onActivateRequested(QStringList arguments, const QString& /*
lDelayMsec = -1;
if (parser->isSet(QStringLiteral("clipboard"))) {
if (parser->isSet(QStringLiteral("copy-image"))) {
mCopyImageToClipboard = true;
} else if (parser->isSet(QStringLiteral("copy-path"))) {
mCopyLocationToClipboard = true;
if (!mIsGuiInited) {
......@@ -490,7 +492,8 @@ void SpectacleCore::populateCommandLineParser(QCommandLineParser *lCmdLineParser
{{QStringLiteral("n"), QStringLiteral("nonotify")}, i18n("In background mode, do not pop up a notification when the screenshot is taken")},
{{QStringLiteral("o"), QStringLiteral("output")}, i18n("In background mode, save image to specified file"), QStringLiteral("fileName")},
{{QStringLiteral("d"), QStringLiteral("delay")}, i18n("In background mode, delay before taking the shot (in milliseconds)"), QStringLiteral("delayMsec")},
{{QStringLiteral("c"), QStringLiteral("clipboard")}, i18n("In background mode, copy screenshot to clipboard")},
{{QStringLiteral("c"), QStringLiteral("copy-image")}, i18n("In background mode, copy screenshot image to clipboard")},
{{QStringLiteral("C"), QStringLiteral("copy-path")}, i18n("In background mode, copy screenshot file path to clipboard")},
{{QStringLiteral("w"), QStringLiteral("onclick")}, i18n("Wait for a click before taking screenshot. Invalidates delay")},
{{QStringLiteral("i"), QStringLiteral("new-instance")}, i18n("Starts a new GUI instance of spectacle without registering to DBus")},
{{QStringLiteral("p"), QStringLiteral("pointer")}, i18n("In background mode, include pointer in the screenshot")},
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