Commit 45d3a070 authored by Peter Wu's avatar Peter Wu
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Hide bottom help text when selection is overlapping

After some use, the user should already know how to take a screenshot.
For most users, this help message is just annoying when trying to select
an area at the bottom of the screen.

REVIEW: 129113
parent 362cf1c7
......@@ -106,7 +106,8 @@ Item {
if (selection) {
midHelpText.visible = false;
bottomHelpText.visible = true;
// display bottom help text only if it does not intersect with the selection
bottomHelpText.visible = (selection.y + selection.height < bottomHelpText.y) || (selection.x > bottomHelpText.x + bottomHelpText.width) || (selection.x + selection.width < bottomHelpText.x);
// if we have a selection polygon, cut it out
ctx.fillStyle = strokeColour;
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