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Refactor pixmap grabbing, add robustness

Do not go in an infinite loop when the root window cannot be captured
(bug 370303). Avoid crashing xcb_image_destroy by checking for NULL.

Split the getWindowPixmap into three logical methods depending on the
consumer: obtaining a pixmap from KWin, obtaining a pixmap from a single
window and obtaining a pixmap from a full screen. This enables some
optimizations, like obtaining a smaller area of the screen without
cropping. Additionally, it will make fixing HiDPI support easier.

Added robustness: if KWin somehow fails, now it will fallback to a
fullscreen capture instead of an null pixmap.

REVIEW: 129176
BUG: 370303
FIXED-IN: 16.12
parent aab52c83
......@@ -275,46 +275,75 @@ QPixmap X11ImageGrabber::blendCursorImage(const QPixmap &pixmap, int x, int y, i
return blendedPixmap;
QPixmap X11ImageGrabber::getWindowPixmap(xcb_window_t window, bool blendPointer)
QPixmap X11ImageGrabber::getPixmapFromDrawable(xcb_drawable_t drawableId, const QRect &rect)
xcb_connection_t *xcbConn = QX11Info::connection();
// first get geometry information for our drawable
xcb_get_geometry_cookie_t geomCookie = xcb_get_geometry_unchecked(xcbConn, window);
CScopedPointer<xcb_get_geometry_reply_t> geomReply(xcb_get_geometry_reply(xcbConn, geomCookie, NULL));
// then proceed to get an image
// proceed to get an image based on the geometry (in device pixels)
QScopedPointer<xcb_image_t, ScopedPointerXcbImageDeleter> xcbImage(
// if the image is null, this means we need to get the root image window
// and run a crop
// too bad, the capture failed.
if (xcbImage.isNull()) {
return getWindowPixmap(QX11Info::appRootWindow(), blendPointer)
.copy(geomReply->x, geomReply->y, geomReply->width, geomReply->height);
return QPixmap();
// now process the image
QPixmap nativePixmap = convertFromNative(;
return nativePixmap;
// finalize the grabbed pixmap where we know the absolute position
QPixmap X11ImageGrabber::postProcessPixmap(QPixmap pixmap, QRect rect, bool blendPointer)
if (!(blendPointer)) {
return nativePixmap;
// note: this may be the null pixmap if an error occurred.
return pixmap;
return blendCursorImage(pixmap, rect.x(), rect.y(), rect.width(), rect.height());
QPixmap X11ImageGrabber::getToplevelPixmap(QRect rect, bool blendPointer)
xcb_window_t rootWindow = QX11Info::appRootWindow();
// Treat a null rect as an alias for capturing fullscreen
if (!rect.isValid()) {
rect = getDrawableGeometry(rootWindow);
// now we blend in a pointer image
QPixmap nativePixmap = getPixmapFromDrawable(rootWindow, rect);
return postProcessPixmap(nativePixmap, rect, blendPointer);
QPixmap X11ImageGrabber::getWindowPixmap(xcb_window_t window, bool blendPointer)
xcb_connection_t *xcbConn = QX11Info::connection();
// first get geometry information for our window
xcb_get_geometry_cookie_t geomCookie = xcb_get_geometry_unchecked(xcbConn, window);
CScopedPointer<xcb_get_geometry_reply_t> geomReply(xcb_get_geometry_reply(xcbConn, geomCookie, NULL));
QRect rect(geomReply->x, geomReply->y, geomReply->width, geomReply->height);
// then proceed to get an image
QPixmap nativePixmap = getPixmapFromDrawable(window, rect);
// Translate window coordinates to global ones.
xcb_get_geometry_cookie_t geomRootCookie = xcb_get_geometry_unchecked(xcbConn, geomReply->root);
CScopedPointer<xcb_get_geometry_reply_t> geomRootReply(xcb_get_geometry_reply(xcbConn, geomRootCookie, NULL));
......@@ -324,7 +353,16 @@ QPixmap X11ImageGrabber::getWindowPixmap(xcb_window_t window, bool blendPointer)
CScopedPointer<xcb_translate_coordinates_reply_t> translateReply(
xcb_translate_coordinates_reply(xcbConn, translateCookie, NULL));
return blendCursorImage(nativePixmap, translateReply->dst_x,translateReply->dst_y, geomReply->width, geomReply->height);
// Adjust local to global coordinates.
rect.moveRight(rect.x() + translateReply->dst_x);
rect.moveTop(rect.y() + translateReply->dst_y);
// If the window capture failed, try to obtain one from the full screen.
if (nativePixmap.isNull()) {
return getToplevelPixmap(rect, blendPointer);
return postProcessPixmap(nativePixmap, rect, blendPointer);
bool X11ImageGrabber::isKWinAvailable()
......@@ -339,10 +377,20 @@ bool X11ImageGrabber::isKWinAvailable()
return false;
void X11ImageGrabber::KWinDBusScreenshotHelper(quint64 window)
void X11ImageGrabber::KWinDBusScreenshotHelper(quint64 pixmapId)
mPixmap = getWindowPixmap((xcb_window_t)window, false);
emit pixmapChanged(mPixmap);
// obtain width and height and grab an image (x and y are always zero for pixmaps)
QRect rect = getDrawableGeometry((xcb_drawable_t)pixmapId);
mPixmap = getPixmapFromDrawable((xcb_drawable_t)pixmapId, rect);
if (!mPixmap.isNull()) {
emit pixmapChanged(mPixmap);
// Cannot retrieve pixmap from KWin, just fallback to fullscreen capture. We
// could try to detect the original action (window under cursor or active
// window), but that is too complex for this edge case.
void X11ImageGrabber::rectangleSelectionCancelled()
......@@ -372,7 +420,7 @@ void X11ImageGrabber::rectangleSelectionConfirmed(const QPixmap &pixmap, const Q
void X11ImageGrabber::grabFullScreen()
mPixmap = getWindowPixmap(QX11Info::appRootWindow(), mCapturePointer);
mPixmap = getToplevelPixmap(QRect(), mCapturePointer);
emit pixmapChanged(mPixmap);
......@@ -382,7 +430,7 @@ void X11ImageGrabber::grabTransientWithParent()
// grab the image early
mPixmap = getWindowPixmap(QX11Info::appRootWindow(), false);
mPixmap = getToplevelPixmap(QRect(), false);
// now that we know we have a transient window, let's
// find other possible transient windows and the app window itself.
......@@ -543,7 +591,7 @@ void X11ImageGrabber::grabApplicationWindowHelper(xcb_window_t window)
KWindowInfo info(window, NET::WMFrameExtents);
if (info.valid()) {
QRect frameGeom = info.frameGeometry();
mPixmap = getWindowPixmap(QX11Info::appRootWindow(), mCapturePointer).copy(frameGeom);
mPixmap = getToplevelPixmap(frameGeom, mCapturePointer);
// fallback is window without the frame
......@@ -551,11 +599,11 @@ void X11ImageGrabber::grabApplicationWindowHelper(xcb_window_t window)
emit pixmapChanged(mPixmap);
QRect X11ImageGrabber::getApplicationWindowGeometry(xcb_window_t window)
QRect X11ImageGrabber::getDrawableGeometry(xcb_drawable_t drawable)
xcb_connection_t *xcbConn = QX11Info::connection();
xcb_get_geometry_cookie_t geomCookie = xcb_get_geometry_unchecked(xcbConn, window);
xcb_get_geometry_cookie_t geomCookie = xcb_get_geometry_unchecked(xcbConn, drawable);
CScopedPointer<xcb_get_geometry_reply_t> geomReply(xcb_get_geometry_reply(xcbConn, geomCookie, NULL));
return QRect(geomReply->x, geomReply->y, geomReply->width, geomReply->height);
......@@ -570,7 +618,7 @@ void X11ImageGrabber::grabCurrentScreen()
mPixmap = getWindowPixmap(QX11Info::appRootWindow(), mCapturePointer).copy(screenRect);
mPixmap = getToplevelPixmap(screenRect, mCapturePointer);
emit pixmapChanged(mPixmap);
......@@ -581,7 +629,7 @@ void X11ImageGrabber::grabCurrentScreen()
void X11ImageGrabber::grabRectangularRegion()
QuickEditor *editor = new QuickEditor(getWindowPixmap(QX11Info::appRootWindow(), false));
QuickEditor *editor = new QuickEditor(getToplevelPixmap(QRect(), false));
connect(editor, &QuickEditor::grabDone, this, &X11ImageGrabber::rectangleSelectionConfirmed);
connect(editor, &QuickEditor::grabCancelled, this, &X11ImageGrabber::rectangleSelectionCancelled);
......@@ -77,7 +77,10 @@ class X11ImageGrabber : public ImageGrabber
bool isKWinAvailable();
xcb_window_t getRealWindowUnderCursor();
void grabApplicationWindowHelper(xcb_window_t window);
QRect getApplicationWindowGeometry(xcb_window_t window);
QRect getDrawableGeometry(xcb_drawable_t drawable);
QPixmap postProcessPixmap(QPixmap pixmap, QRect rect, bool blendPointer);
QPixmap getPixmapFromDrawable(xcb_drawable_t drawableId, const QRect &rect);
QPixmap getToplevelPixmap(QRect rect, bool blendPointer);
QPixmap getWindowPixmap(xcb_window_t window, bool blendPointer);
QPixmap convertFromNative(xcb_image_t *xcbImage);
xcb_window_t getTransientWindowParent(xcb_window_t winId, QRect &outRect);
......@@ -90,7 +93,9 @@ template <typename T> using CScopedPointer = QScopedPointer<T, QScopedPointerPod
struct ScopedPointerXcbImageDeleter
static inline void cleanup(xcb_image_t *xcbImage) {
if (xcbImage) {
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