Commit 8beca3b9 authored by Paul Worrall's avatar Paul Worrall Committed by Nicolas Fella
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Update org.kde.spectacle.desktop.cmake to include both required parameters for WindowUnderCursor

BUG: 446971
(cherry picked from commit e28ba9c1)
parent 4893b9b5
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......@@ -401,7 +401,7 @@ Name[tr]=İmleç Altındaki Pencereyi Yakala
Name[uk]=Захопити зображення вікна під вказівником миші
Name[x-test]=xxCapture Window Under Cursorxx
Exec=@QtBinariesDir@/qdbus org.kde.Spectacle / WindowUnderCursor -1
Exec=@QtBinariesDir@/qdbus org.kde.Spectacle / WindowUnderCursor -1 -1
[Desktop Action OpenWithoutScreenshot]
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