Commit 647158be authored by Alex Richardson's avatar Alex Richardson
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Don't find frameworks that are not required for compilation

REVIEW: 117058
parent 1984f5d1
......@@ -34,10 +34,8 @@ find_package(Qt5 CONFIG REQUIRED COMPONENTS Core DBus Quick Widgets Designer Net
# Load CMake, Compiler and InstallDirs settings from KF5 and the following are already somewhat "done" tier1/tier2 libs from kdelibs:
find_package(KF5 CONFIG REQUIRED
IdleTime ItemModels WidgetsAddons WindowSystem Codecs Archive CoreAddons Solid ThreadWeaver
Config Auth JS Wallet DBusAddons Sonnet
I18n GuiAddons Service ConfigWidgets ItemViews Notifications IconThemes Completion JobWidgets TextWidgets XmlGui Crash
Bookmarks UnitConversion KCMUtils Plasma Declarative Init KDE4Support)
I18n WindowSystem Service Completion WidgetsAddons KIO CoreAddons Wallet ItemViews XmlGui
ConfigWidgets IconThemes Solid DBusAddons Notifications Plasma Declarative Init KDE4Support)
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