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......@@ -12,18 +12,20 @@ Optional dependencies:
* modemmanager-qt
- requires ModemManager 1.0.0 and newer as runtime dependency
- Plasma-nm is compiled with ModemManager support by default when modemmanager-qt is found,
when you want to explicitly disable ModemManager support, use -DDISABLE_MODEMMANAGER_SUPPORT=true cmake parameter.
* openconnect
- if you want to build the OpenConnect VPN plugin
* NetworkManager-openvpn|openconnect|openswan|l2tp|strongswan|pptp|vpnc
* NetworkManager-fortisslvpn|iodine|l2tp|openconnect|openswan|openvpn|pptp|ssh|sstp|strongswan|vpnc
- these are runtime dependencies for VPN plugins
mkdir build
cd build
# As root:
make install
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