Remove unneeded uses of 'volatile'

I have analyzed the current code and the commits that introduced these
'volatile' uses. Nothing seems even close to actually warrant volatile.
I can think of 3 reasons why it was introduced in the first place:

  1. (most likely) temporary debugging/testing use that became permanent
     by oversight;
  2. some esoteric compiler/optimizer bug workaround (this hypothetical
     bug is highly unlikely to have survived for more than 10 years to
     remain in GCC);
  3. a way to work around / hide a bug in the code itself (unlikely;
     this would be an unreliable fix that could break with any compiler
     update or a different compiler).

'volatile' is used very sparingly in KDevelop code because it is very
rarely useful in application code. See also
for valid 'volatile' use cases.

test_codecompletion, test_duchain and test_embeddedfreetree still pass
with these changes.
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