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Move the coding guidelines one up and add two sections

One about Qt vs STD vs Boost, one about C++11 features
parent 121e3470
......@@ -7,6 +7,26 @@ consistency, these are the rules new code should adhere to:
See also -- that document
is leading.
Qt vs STD vs Boost:
In general, use the Qt classes wherever possible, even if someone tells you
that the STD class is better or whatever. We're dealing with a big project
with lots of developers here and we should keep the code as consistent and
easy to grasp as possible. Since people need to know Qt in the first place,
keep to Qt. Discuss deviations on #krita
C++11 and C++14
Yes, but. Avoid lambdas. Avoid the new sig/slot connection syntax _unless_
you are porting all of Krita to the new syntax. Sure, it has some advantages,
but having two different ways of doing the same thing is begging for trouble
and comprehension problems. For now, keep using foreach, we're using it all
over the place. auto is fine, when using in for loops. Don't go overboard
using it in other places.
Before using other new features, discuss on #krita so we can expand this list.
With four spaces. Use the default kdelibs indentation
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