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    [kmainwindow] Don't create native windows for non-toplevel windows · 03b0f4c3
    David Edmundson authored
    winId() creates a QPlaformWindow; i.e a native xcb_window or wl_surface.
    This makes sense for a toplevel which will be a real window.
    If someone (in this case localize) uses kmainwindow as a subwidget
    inside an existing window the current code will create a subwindow for
    this widget. It's a very weird window, as the window is never actually
    mapped so all contents are drawn as part of the parent window. Leaving
    us in a very corrupt state.
    Doing this on XCB is wasteful but the side effects are unnoticed. On
    QtWayland things explode in weird ways.
    BUG: 424024
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