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Start documenting BatchExtract

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......@@ -45,11 +45,38 @@ class KERFUFFLE_EXPORT BatchExtract : public KCompositeJob
* Creates a new BatchExtract object.
* Destroys a BatchExtract object.
virtual ~BatchExtract();
void addExtraction(Archive* archive, bool preservePaths = true, QString destinationFolder = QString());
* Starts the extraction of all files.
* Each extraction job is started after the last one finishes.
* The jobs are executed in the order they were added via addInput.
void start();
void setAutoSubfolder(bool value);
* Adds a file to the list of files that will be extracted.
* @param url The file that will be added to the list.
* @return @c true The file exists and a suitable plugin
* could be found for it.
* @return @c false The file does not exist or a suitable
* plugin could not be found.
bool addInput(const KUrl& url);
bool showExtractDialog();
void setDestinationFolder(QString folder);
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