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Verified Commit 6e2cd3d7 authored by Melvin Keskin's avatar Melvin Keskin Committed by Jonah Brüchert

Add section for graphics to contribution guideline

parent 839bfa0d
......@@ -33,3 +33,8 @@ Please stick to the following steps for opening and reviewing MRs.
1. Try to provide a review to the author.
1. Try to give the author concrete proposals for improving the code via the *insert suggestion* feature while commenting.
1. If the proposals are too complicated, create and push a commit with your proposal to your own fork of Kaidan and open a MR with the author's MR branch as its target.
## Graphics
The preferred format for graphics in Kaidan is *SVG*.
A new SVG must be [optimized]( before adding it to a commit.
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