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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.3.90
    Tagging v0.3.90, a preview release for the upcoming feature-based one
  • v0.3
    99091dbb · Updating version to 0.3 ·
    Tagging v0.3, a new major release of Trojita
    Summary of changes since v0.2.9.4:
    - Drastic reduction in memory usage
    - Tagging e-mails (contributed by Shanti Bouchez)
    - Faster fetching of data
    - Much more efficient support for threading
    - More robust IMAP support
    - A new Debug menu
    - Autocompletion of e-mail addresses (contributed by Thomas Gahr)
    - Reporting server/client configuration through ID
    - Support of multipart/related for full rfc2387 compliance
    - Showing Trojita's homepage on start
    - GUI fixes (now finally works in dark themes)
    - SMTP works over SSL (contributed by Shanti Bouchez)
    - Expanded unit test coverage
    - Plenty of bugfixes and further improvements
  • v0.2.9.4
    89baee45 · ·
    Tagging v0.2.9.4, a bugfix release.
    Changes since v0.2.9.3:
    - huge number of stability improvements
    - improved logging
    - changed on-disk cache format, (one-way) migration shall happen automatically
  • v0.2.9.3
    Tagging v0.2.9.3, a bugfix release.
    Changes since v0.2.9.2:
    - Mailboxes with recent messages now get a visual indication
    - Threading is enabled again and its effectivity was improved in the process
    - Drag and drop of messages between folders works again
    - Threads containing unread messages are now highlighted in the GUI
    - An icon and a.desktop file is now installed by default
    - Some GUI tweaks
    - More unit tests
    - Bug fixes in IMAP code and around
    - Improvements for multipart messages
    - Some internal refactoring
    - The IMAP parser got relaxed to accept more whitespace in server's responses
  • v0.2.9.2
    Tagging v0.2.9.2, a maintenance release.
    Warning: support for threading has been temporarily disabled; it needs more work when UIDs change rapidly.
    Significant changes since v0.2.9.1:
    - Bugfix: handle rapid sequence of new message arrivals and expunges
    - Bugfix: take care not to skip pending requests for downloading message parts
    - Better UIDNEXT guessing
    - Increased unit tests coverage
    - XtConnect: fix issues with "stuck messages"
  • v0.2.9.1
    Tagging, an incremental bugfix over the 0.2.9.
    Significant changes:
    - BODYSTRUCTURE parsing made much more relaxed for GMail
    - Build fixes for VS2008
    - XtConnect: cache issues
    - XtConnect: visual indicators on MacOSX
    - Connection progress logging
  • v0.2.9
    baf2b4dd · Bump version to 0.2.9 ·
    Tagging v0.2.9, a beta version for 0.3
  • v0.2
    Tagging the 0.2
  • v0.1
    fb16cccf · Remove old cruft ·
    We should really have a "version" or something. Let's take current state and make it "0.1", then.